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Dr. Panos Groumas received his PhD in 2021, working on electro-optic polymer-based optical transceivers for high capacity and  flexible intra-DC optical interconnects, as well as the development of the required photonic structures and subsystems, such as external cavity lasers, that were used as building blocks on these devices. His research interests lie primarily in photonic integration concepts for optical transceivers for the next generation 800 and 1600 GbE interfaces that will find their place inside hyperscale Data Centers. He has been actively involved in numerous FP7 and H2020 projects in and participates in the coordination of two H2020 projects. Dr. Panos Groumas is the author or co-author of more than 38 publications in leading journals and presentations in reputable conferences in the field of photonics and optical fiber technology.

Research Areas

Ultra high speed polymer transceivers, Design of passive photonic components, Photonic biosensors, Automatic control, Digital Signal Processing.